Osiella Bio

    Have you ever heard of Evansville, Indiana? No? Well, maybe it's time to revamp your places-to-visit list. Evansville boasts and supports some of the most accomplished artists and musicians/bands in Southern Indiana. One of those bands, Osiella, is ready to speak for the illusive River City with their debut album: Year In Review.

    The latest project invites you to the labyrinth called Osiella. Every listener will easily find the path to the center. Year in Review allows each artist in and associated with Osiella to express their character and musical savoir faire. Cynthia Murray as vocalist and songwriter delivers the rich soul that connects Osiella. One of the songs, "Island Love", explores the notion of destroying all inhibitions in the name of love and allowing the other party to have their way with you. "Just do what you do!", the carefully placed hook, presents Cynthia's "...uncanny ability to write and perform an amazing vocal hook" (News4U).


    If Osiella is the vehicle, then Kenneth Murray is the mechanic. Acting as both manager and in-house producer, Kenneth has the uncanny ability to realize events in Osiella’s favor. His ambition and faith in the group shine through the band’s feverishly quick, upward momentum. “Maybe I should actually learn how to play an instrument,” jokes Kenneth while putting the finishing touches on Year In Review. You can expect Kenneth and the crew to make appearances in the 2015 festival year in support of Year In Review