Osiella e.p.k.

"Traveling in an out of the United States and earning our fans one by one is the best job you could ever ask for". 


who is osiella

Mixing a blend of Folk, Reggae, Rock and World Style music Osiella may be the most unique band to have hit the stage since Dave Matthews Band. Osiella is based in Evansville, IN but has developed a following around the globe. The band was formed in February of 2014 and in that time has toured both nationally and internationally. The music video for their debut single "Demons" was filmed in Las Vegas and became a fan favorite in Iceland. In 2015 the band booked their first international tour into Iceland . Recently Osiella has played such venues/festivals as The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville TN and South by Southwest in Austin TX. 

Making it our own

Osiella is no stranger to playing cover songs. Every great musician has paid their dues by playing cover songs. Playing cover songs may not always be what an original band wants to do but they can be a lot of fun when people react to your creative take on a popular song. This Reggae version of Hozier's "Take Me To Church" earned Osiella an extra 250,000 plus views.

what type of music is it?

This reoccurring question is asked a lot. For us, it is not all that easy to answer either. It is a collection of genres that drove each member of the band to push them to that next level as a musician. You can easily hear Rock, Soul, Reggae, Americana, Folk and Rhythm and Blues just to name a few. This video shot in Iceland took more of a theatrical approach for the visual. "Armed To The Teeth" by Osiella has a rough blend of Rock and Blues with a Soulful vocal overtone. 



Oisella's adventures have recently taken them on tour to Reykjavik Iceland. While there they filmed two music videos. Back in the States they have played in cities such as: 

Evansville,IN-Terra Haute,IN-Indianapolis,IN-Chicago,IL-Nashville,TN-Louisville,KY-Owensboro,KY-Henderson,KY-Dayton,OH-Columbus,OH-Cincinnati-,OH-Minneapolis,MN-Omaha,NE-Lawrence,KS-Fayetteville,AR-Little Rock,AR-San Antonio,TX-Austin,TX-Fort Worth,TX-Pensacola,Fl-Panama City Beach,FL-Decatur,GA-Brooklyn,NY-Manhattan,NY-Harlem,NY-Albany,NY-Charlotte,NC-Philadelphia,PA-Clive,IA-Des Monies,IA-Los Angeles,CA-Las Vegas,NV-and almost everywhere in between.


"I heard you guys on the radio"


Osiella is supported by a great network of radio stations including 9 in Canada, Sydney Australia, Reykjavik Iceland, Athens Greece and Nationally back in the States with a strong support from College Radio.




Kenneth Murray